Smart outlet. is intelliplug the best choice for you?

As we all know, homes are getting increasingly smarter. The best addition to the smart home is the outlet because you can control any device or appliance with it. IntelliPLUG is the newest smart outlet on IndieGoGo that looks to make the smart outlet smaller.

The IntelliPLUG is an add-on to your existing outlet, and by plugging it in, your outlet becomes smart. Just plug in and hold the power button down on the side, and you will be ready to control the outlet with your phone. For software on your phone, you will need the app that comes with the plug, and you will then connect via WiFi so that you can use it anywhere.

IntelliPLUG is advertized for its small size. It is presented as a  much more convenient option because it does not cover up the holes of the plug above, below, or even beside if you have a four outlet hub. While this is accurate, you may find it to be awkward plugging in next to IntelliPLUG because it comes so close to the next outlet. If your secondary plug is any sort of weird shape, IntelliPLUG will block that. If the creators would have made it in a different shape, it may have been better but the circular design throws the edge right up to the next plug.

Another big selling point being advertized for IntelliPLUG is the price. Just $25 transforms your outlet into a smart feature. Looking at renovating and adding smart features to your home is very expensive, but just adding IntelliPLUG throughout the house does the same thing at a fraction of the cost. There is something wrong with this advertisement however. Although IntelliPLUG is on the lower price range of smart outlets on the market, there are still cheaper options.

Now the idea of smart plugs is not new at all. In fact, on the market today you can find smart outlets less intrusive. My personal favorite of these is Outlink which covers the entire plug and looks like a regular outlet. Granted it is $25 more, but you have to keep in mind what is more important. If the price is the only factor, you can find almost the exact same plug, the LUCKY CLOVER, on Amazon for $18.99.

Though I have seen some better designs elsewhere, IntelliPLUG has garnered over 540% funding with 6 days to go on the campaign. Feel free to take a closer look and order your own before time runs out for a significantly reduced price. If you see a better option, let us know in the comment section below.

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