Dobot M1

The Dobot M1 is a robotic arm that has many different attachments that would make many jobs easy to streamline. From soldering to 3D printing, the Dobot M1 can change the way you think about producing several identical products.


Some examples of the capabilities of the Dobot M1 include: soldering and 3D printing (as I said) but also cutting, laser printing, packing things up, moving small objects, and even visual recognition capabilities. Its reach is almost 16 inches; while that seems short, you can attach a track to it so it can reach as long as you want! It still is limited to a 15.7-inch reach if you take this route. If you are concerned about the reach, there is an attachment you can place under it so that it can drive around as well. So in a small scale warehouse situation, you could have it put things away for you. It can even lift up to 3.3 lbs if it needs to.



Sounds fantastic right? I thought so… And for the base model it starts at the reasonable price of $1300. But if you were trying to make it as versatile as possible, which is quite a spectrum, the price does jump a bit. For all attachments and accessories, you will not be looking at hobby prices anymore but investment prices. It jumps from a base price of $1300 to a full scale industrial machine at $34,000.


If you are looking for a fun little robotic arm to play with, then this is a great product for the price. If you were looking at purchasing the entire package, I would advise against that and only buy what you need, given the range of cost. Most robotic arms have pincers, but this is a versatile machine that could revolutionize a business or hobby. Personally, I love the laser printer, mainly because I love the look of laser burnt wood. But no matter what your niche is, the Dobot M1 is worth considering.


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