The FlowMotion One

Cinematic videography with smartphones is becoming easier as our handheld devices are becoming more advanced. Smartphones now come equipped with cameras capable of recording high quality video with correcting lighting, focus, and camera shake at high frame rate. But camera shake and cinematic photography can only be taken so far with a handheld smartphone, which is why the FlowMotion One was created.



The FlowMotion One looks a lot like a really nice collapsed selfie stick at first glance, but the functionality makes it something a little more interesting. FlowMotion One was developed specifically for action sport cinematography, but is advertised to be more versatile much like the GoPro is. It utilizes a stabilization software developed to work with existing OIS in new smartphones.


The stabilizer reacts much like a gyro stabilized camera mount. As you move the arm around, the smartphone mount utilizes tracking software built into an app to lock onto the subject of interest when recording. While locked on, the stabilizer will adjust to maintain visual. Watch the video below to see it in action (no pun intended).



The FlowMotion One peaked our interest as it provides the capability to utilize one piece of technology for more diverse purposes. Currently the action camera is a separate camera that can be mounted on your helmet, or used for various other purposes. Smartphones are becoming advanced enough to provide that crisp recording along with the other thousand functions that we use them for. Using a smartphone for an action camera does not seem farfetched. While obviously not as suitable for action videography as an action camera, the FlowMotion One does provide the capability to take quality, stable videos while in significant motion.


The FlowMotion One will come with a grip and travel case. The grip includes a joystick for camera control and has extension capabilities. The whole package is proposed to hit the market at the $300 price-point, which we think is a little on the high side. The FlowMotion One was originally sold at $200 as a Kickstarter reward, which seems closer to the price that we thought appropriate. It reached and blew funding out of the water on Kickstarter recently and we will be keeping up with the progress of the FlowMotion team as they bring their product to market.

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