Vox Inventum

You’ve ventured onto our website. Congratulations and welcome! So let me cut to the chase of who we are. Vox Inventum is a website dedicated to bringing you news on small technology developers. That means that we are digging through crowd funding websites, forums, and social media for the best and brightest inventors who have something to offer the world of technology. Vox Inventum believes that small inventors are the key to thinking outside of the box and bringing the greatest changes to the way we view technology. We will be sure to keep it light-hearted, fun, and entertaining while showing you the exciting new world that these inventions afford.


Vox Intentum will be releasing a variety of content remaining flexible to the specific products. You may already notice that there are a few categories at the top of our website. Let me introduce you to each category and what you can look forward to from each content type.





Introducing will be your first look into a product. These posts will tell you about a new product that we think is noteworthy and deserves an introduction to the world. You can expect to see articles (much like this one) and videos featuring new products that you probably have never seen before.


Path to Success

The main goal of Vox Inventum is to promote projects that have great potential. Path to Success will provide a brief overview of projects that are taking the journey into crowdfunding and are seeking funding. It will give a brief overview of the project and the funding acquired and the days left until crowdfunding end. Stay up to date and keep your eye out for our weekly update.



Small developers are constantly facing delays, setbacks, and occasionally, early releases. Firebrand will give you the latest news on hot projects and keep you in the loop on your favorite inventions.


Under the Hood

Some projects are more complicated and intricate than what face value seems to indicate. Under the Hood will take you deeper into specifications and product details than an introduction. We will take this opportunity to break into the products and dissect the inventions that you find most fascinating.


Of course, there is Contact Us, but we think you know what that is. Be sure to check in for new content and updates! We love new technology and we know that you do too. We’ll be doing our best to satiate your cravings and maybe make you smile along the way.