One of a Kind… Maybe


In 2015, Cody Miller had the idea to create a smart outlet for consumers to monitor electrical usage and remotely control the outlets. He has produced his prototype and his campaign for funding is now on Kickstarter. The Ion Smart Outlet has not gotten the traction that Cody was hoping for. 


While reading through the campaign, I was looking for reasons that would show why the enthusiasm was lacking for this great product. To my surprise I found that the campaign was run very well. Product descriptions were completely sufficient, showing all possible usages in detail leaving you with no questions. With such a well drafted campaign and a great idea, I researched the product to see why the project had only received 3% funding. That is when I found Outlink.



Outlink is essentially the same exact product just at a lower price. The only unique thing that Ion Smart Outlet has is its app. It has an app made specifically for these outlets, controlling them with on/off switches and timers also with energy monitoring features. Outlink also has that capability with the Wink app which controls many smart devices and appliances. Outlink just does not have an app specifically made for it. Both Outlink and Ion Smart Outlet are compatible with Alexa and both are here to save energy.


Ion Smart Outlet is yet another example of lack of market research and any research for that matter in the field in which the product falls. It is no wonder this product will fall short of its funding goal for two reasons. First, it is not a new idea as we talked about. Second, even if it is not a new idea, it is not impossible to receive funding, but you cannot set the funding goal so high as to be unattainable. Ion Smart Outlet has a goal of $250,000 and they have received almost $10,000. With just 9 days left of the campaign it is fairly certain the project will die. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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    1. While that is true, when looking for investors for a new project, new ideas are important. Investors seem to feel the same way seeing as the campaign ended with 4% funding.

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