Security is Small but Elegant


Computer cameras are a security concern to any knowledgable PC user. The sticky note camera cover is an option that is effective, but just looks unprofessional. The Intelligent Security | Camera Cover is a small, elegant solution.


Computer hacking is a real threat that should be a concern to all computer users. One of the most intrusive ways that computers get hacked is through the built-in webcam. Hackers have the ability to access the camera and use any footage maliciously, which is why you will often find a sticky note, tape, or a sticker over the camera of knowledgable users. But these solutions are unsightly and temporary measures.


The Intelligent Security | Camera Cover (ISCC) is a mechanical, ultra thin webcam cover. The ISCC consists of a simple track and circular cover that slides across to cover the camera reticle. The ISCC was also made to be ultra thin to not obstruct a laptop from closing properly or jut out from the phone. At just 0.7 mm, this tiny accessory is thinner than a credit card, making it unobtrusive and elegant.


The ISCC is set to retail at $15 and is a beautiful replacement to the sticky note solution. This product is heavily funded on Kickstarter and is in high demand. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Will you be picking up and ISCC?


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