Make Coffee the Perfect Temperature

Hot coffee is only good when it’s hot. This simple truth led to the explosion in the thermos market and promoted products like RTIC and YETI. Unfortunately, the super insulated thermos can keep coffee too hot. The Jül, on the other hand, brings your coffee to that perfect temperature… and keeps it there.

A pot of coffee brews at around 195 °F, which is almost certain to scorch your tongue. While brewing temperature is unavoidable, the average Joe (pun intended) enjoys coffee somewhere between 120 °F and 150 °F. The fullest flavor and greatest satisfaction is at that precise temperature that you love the most.

The classic ceramic mug is one of the worst vessels for retaining heat. Consequently, the window of perfect coffee temperature is just a sliver of time. As a result, the extreme reaction was the YETI. Unfortunately, the YETI, and other thermoses like it, retain heat for far too long.

The scene is set; the solution is Jül. Power Practical has developed a smart thermos to keep contents at that perfect temperature. With an elegant and simple look, the thermos’s temperature is adjusted by rotating the base. When that “just right” temperature is found, the Jül rests on a disket base that keeps your coffee hot. The base lights up different colors to let you know how hot the contents are. Red means hotter than the desired temperature. Blue means colder. White means the perfect cup of coffee.

The Jül is a wonderful compromise between the ceramic mug and the super-insulated thermos. Unfortunately, the thermos base must be plugged in. Without the base plugged in, this is just another thermos. Other powered thermoses have existed and are currently sold on the market. However, Jül offers a smart technology within the thermos that is both elegant and unique.

Power Practical is a Kickstarter regular and a proven developer. The Jül is a new piece of technology at the right price. The thermos, two Micro USB cables (1.5 ft and 6 ft), a 2A USB adapter, and the smart coaster can all be purchased for $49 during the Kickstarter campaign. The total package lists for $69.99 after the campaign. We will be contacting the developers for greater detail on their thermos and keeping you in the loop on the latest developments. Let us know what you think about this new thermos in the comments below!

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