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LED Light Strips Get An Upgrade

garageCube designed a user-friendly, adaptable LED kit for stage design and performance art. It transforms visual art into a beautiful array of lights without the thousands of dollars needed for spotlights and controllers. We usually provide you with consumer grade tech reviews. However, LED offers something a little more professional. 

Light shows captivate crowds as much as any other form of entertainment. However, it is incredibly difficult to make a light show. It takes thousands of dollars and years of experience. garageCube tackles the cost factor with their new light kit called LED.

LED consists of white or RGB bars of LED light strips. They come in 50cm and 1m length bars for whatever works easiest.  You can program these strips to fire in any sequence and wire them up in almost any formation. Using pivot points and slide guides, you can configure the LED light bars into beautiful geometric shapes or long, arcing bands.

garageCube designed LED to be physically user-friendly. However, they also made it to be completely customizable. LED uses madMapper to map out a light pattern. So you can create a full scale LED light show using this digital mapping tool. If you don’t like madmapper, you can use whatever other tool you like.

Additionally, you can control LED with any number of MIDI controllers. The MIDI controllers give you full, live control over your light show. You can use video files and live camera feeds to control the LED. This total control sets LED apart as a completely adaptable visual art tool.

led light

Overall, LED provides a beautiful tool for light shows. It enhances visual art and introduces a new spectrum of possibilities. Granted, LED is not a cheap tool. Unfortunately, it costs around $600 retail for the starter kit. So it’s a pretty expensive toy for those who just want to dabble. Let us know what you think of the LED in the comments below! Will you pick up a starter kit?

LED is seeking funding on Kickstarter. They have raised $102,000 and still have 24 days left.

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