Underwater photography and video is difficult with expensive professional-grade equipment, but the LenzO makes it accessible for all iPhone users. Boasting as the safest and most advanced underwater smartphone housing, LenzO makes amateur vacation shots possible under the ocean surface.


There have been thousands of cases created for iPhones that tout waterproofing up to significant depths. The LenzO goes beyond building the traditional phone case by delving much deeper into physical features. Complete with a dome lens, additional features, and mechanical controls, the LenzO is innovative and unique.





The LenzO is waterproof which is nothing new in the smartphone case world; so we will consider all the features that makes LenzO unique. The lens included on the case is a dome port lens that is removable and produces quality photos and video underwater and on land. The dome lens also features antireflective coating to maintain a clear image. The LenzO was designed to remove underwater distortion and soft corners making it the best solution for underwater photography with a smartphone.


The other challenge involved in underwater cases for smartphones is utilizing the touchscreen. The LenzO was developed with tactile controls that make the iPhone touchscreen accessible in a unique way. Using mechanical touch arms, called swing arm actuators, the LenzO has made all smartphone functions available. The LenzO was made to function without an additional app to keep the case completely physical and easy to use.


The price along with the size makes the LenzO a little less desirable at first glance. The LenzO retails at $395. This price feels a little high for a purely mechanical phone case. The price could be right if the lens build is professional grade and the casing is outstanding, but without those qualities, the price is high. The iPhone 7 case is available on Kickstarter for $229, which seems to be a more appropriate price.





The Lenzo is also quite large. At 8.5 inches long by 5 inches wide by 4 inches deep, the Lenzo is a wieldy piece of equipment for a phone case. It can be used purely for underwater or special session purposes. The additional size from the case removes the portability that makes a smartphone convenient. The case is also over a pound in weight (it can be noted that the case underwater would be lightweight). The LenzO is a situation-specific case made to make the best of underwater photography and video.


The LenzO is a unique case that makes underwater photography possible without purchasing a special camera. Using a high quality dome lens, ergonomically designed mechanical controls, and easy access, the LenzO makes simple very smart. Is the LenzO worth the price-tag to you? Let us know in the comment section below!


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