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The flashlight is an old technology that rarely has marked advances. Since PLX Devices developed the Luxor 1 in 2014, they have made some improvements. The most recent improvement featured on Kickstarter now is the smallest flashlight in the Luxor series. Hitting the market at just over five inches, the Luxor Mini is perfect for all situations.

Luxor is a flashlight that includes auto-focus technology. This device goes from its lantern, wide beam, narrow beam, and flood modes with the turn of your wrist. With range finder technology, the Luxor Mini changes modes automatically depending on the situation. Hold the light straight up or straight down to create the perfect lantern.

Luxor Mini provides a nonslip handle, a steel belt clip, and a lanyard for ease of holding and carrying. With its design as a rugged flashlight, the small light is completely waterproof and shockproof. It maintains its durability in spite of its small, lightweight design as it is made of aluminum.  Luxor has undergone drop tests from four meters and passed with flying colors. Finally, do not worry about loosing battery unexpectedly; the Luxor Mini flashes indicating when to get new batteries with plenty of time to be sure you are not left out in the dark.

Luxor Mini is a great product for most situations, but the new model lacks some features previous models offered. With the ambition of creating a smaller flashlight, the Luxor Mini leaves out one of the best features form the previous models. PLX Devices equipped Luxor II with an LCD screen that showed battery life, light mode, usage data, and more. This great add-on was simply left out of the new flashlight. I am disappointed by these missing features, but backers seem to be okay with the reduction. With just less than thirty days until the close of their campaign, the Luxor MIni has brought in over 220% of the funding goal. PLX Devices have had several successful projects in the past and now they will be adding the Luxor Mini to that list. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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