Controlling the World with a Little Arduino


Coding is not a common skill set, but coding makes much of our technology reliant world go round. Development boards are a common prototype tool for showcasing ideas and basic functions derived from in depth coding. M5Stack condenses the complex development board into a stackable, programmable, modular toolkit.


M5Stack resembles the LEGO Mindstorms programmable bricks in capabilities and interface. But M5Stack is much more versatile and customizable. This arduino toolkit was built to be modular with stackable bricks. Each brick can offer a new level of compatibility or function for whatever your purpose may be. The M5Stack was also built with an aluminum shell for durability and can featureĀ ESP8266, WiFi, LORA and an LCD screen. The modules come equipped with USB ports, electrical sockets, battery, sensors, and a host of other options.


So what does it do? It does whatever you program it to do. It can control outlets by motion sensor or WiFi connection to a smart device. It can balance on two wheels and provide hours of entertainment. It can be used to program tools and heavy equipment. The M5Stack has very few limits in its abilities to augment to your specific needs or wants.


But not everyone is a programmer and all these tasks seem a little daunting. The M5Stack was developed with an online visual coding tool called Moments. Moments allows you to code using visual prompts instead of in-depth coding that overwhelms the best of us. LEGO Mindstorms uses a similar style of robot coding, which makes coding easy enough for a child.


M5Stack presents itself as practical, educational, and creative. Its modular build makes it extremely versatile. It is as complicated or as simple as you like for the less coding inclined and for the creative technology genius. The M5Stack is seeking funding on Kickstarter and you can pick up the Beginner Kit for $35 as an early bird special. Let us know what you could do with the M5Stack in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @VoxInventum!


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