As much as we pine for a wireless world, charging cables and computer connectors are still a large part of our life. Each smartphone is equipped with a different cable that is incompatible with another and each major smartphone brand has their phone specific cable that costs more than we like to pay. MACNETO proposes a convenient and smart solution that eliminates the need for multiple cables.


One of my favorite features that Apple has utilized over the years is the magnetic power connector. Magnetic connectors save you from breaking cable ends and jerking cables if you happened to forget it was plugged in. MACNETO turns nearly every mobile charging cable into a magnetic end.


The MACNETO cable end has the modular ability to be replaced with a different end for compatibility with each phone type. Each cable end is a magnetic port that can accept a cable end. It will have the Type-A (USB), MicroUSB, iOS, USB-Mini, and Type-C magnetic ends. The cable without the ends is simply a magnetic receptacle on either end. Each connector type can be attached to the ends of the cable for whatever situation is needed.




MACNETO boasts faster charging times, a power stabilizer for when the device is done charging, cross device reversibility, and surge protection. The concept of the cable is intriguing and unique. MACNETO simplifies device charging by making cable management easier. It was developed by EWOLT and has exceeded funding on Kickstarter. We believe this is a product that you can expect to find on the market soon and is worth checking out. Let us know what you think in the comment section below! Be sure to like and share on Facebook!


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