MagBlend is a new workout bottle with safeguards not seen in any other such product. The workout mixers that I normally use have the floating whisk. But in order to mix it well, it requires a good bit of time and energy. Electronic mixers seem much easier and more thorough. There is only one problem with them; they cannot break apart easy enough to wash adequately. The blades are connected to the bottom and it is almost impossible to take them out for cleaning every time. MagBlend has solved that issue and more.



MagBlend has introduced the idea of using magnets to control the mixer blade. The mixing blade is fastened to the bottom of the Magblend magnetically, giving the bottle the ability to be 100% sealed. That means no leaky seals on the bottom. The magnets are strong enough to hold the blade in place as it spins, but more than that, you can shake it and it doesn’t move either. Cleaning is simple because you just reach in and remove the blades without having to unscrew or unseal anything from the bottom. You just remove the blade and wash.


In addition to the magnetic blade, MagBlend has some other interesting features. The removable base that powers the magnetic blade is rechargeable through micro USB. With a full charge the battery will last for more than 15 mixes. The bottle is designed to fit in an average cup holder, making it easy to transport. Mixing in seconds, plenty of battery, and simplifying cleaning and transporting give MagBlend my stamp of a great product. They are on Kickstarter now looking for funding. I highly recommend stopping by their page and checking out their deals. I am a supporter; would you like to be too?


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