As I look through startups and new products being built, I am always on the lookout for products that fulfill a need I see in everyday life. One that I have always struggled with is my phone cords. They are always breaking or wearing out and I am sick of it. I found a product that should solve my dilemma called Magcord. Magcord is a charging cord that connects your phone to a USB port ensuring that you do not rip it out of your phone by accident. But there are more perks than you would think at first glance.


This idea of a magnetic charger is not new. But with its added features, it should be a great addition to the vast realm of device gadgets. Magcord is advertised for its ability to charge devices 3-10x faster. I have used accessories that are supposed to charge much faster and have been disappointed in the past. I would have to test this for myself. Accelerated chargers can cause the loss of battery life in the long run. Magcord is advertised to protect your device from overheating and help prolong battery life which sets it apart from other attempts at magnetic charging cords.


Magcord also boasts is its “backdoor” cut off feature. Charging your device from a computer that you do not trust can possibly leak some information onto that computer. Security on mobile devices has become an increased risk over the past several years. Shutting off the backdoor keeps your information to yourself.


Magcord’s magnet is about 3 inches away from the device plug. What is unclear from the information advertised is how strong the magnet is. If the magnet is too weak, it would make it very annoying when it slips out all the time. Again, there is not enough information to say that the grip is tight enough. I would like to revisit this with an in-hand review, but until then, It looks like a good product with a good design. Feel free to comment below.

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