Next Gen Legos


For generations, Legos have been instrumental in creativity development for youths. As video games and electronics have grown in popularity, the attention span and creativity level have gradually reduced. This is where Makeblock Neuron comes in. They have developed small buildable electronic pieces that can be put together in an unlimited number of formations boosting creativity.


Makeblock contains over 30 kinds of blocks with five types (the communications, the controls, the input, the output and the accessories blocks) that connect with magnetic pogo pins. They are all interchangeable giving you the ability to connect them in any arrangement. It is easy to program on any computer or tablet using their software . To use this intuitive technology you only have to connect via Bluetooth with a communications block and the software senses what blocks are connected and you choose the control block and match it to an action block ( input, output, or accessory). Then simply choose the action that is compatible with that action block. Finally, play with your new creation.




Makeblock can be programmed to preform mundane tasks like feeding the dog, or created into a sweet toy for kids. The innovative thought put into Makeblock is great. It will provide entertainment for hours while boosting creativity with all ages. when one idea is fulfilled, just wait, cause the next one may be even better. But Makeblock doesn’t stop there. As the replacement for the traditional Lego toys, it is even able to connect to those old Legos that you have lying around.



Makeblock seems to be a great product. many people seem to think so as well as they reached 100% in just 12 hours. This is an impressive feat that not many campaigns can manage. And with 40 days to go in their campaign, they are at almost 182% of their funding goal. Check out their campaign and pass it along to friends. This is a great product for kids of all ages. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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