Homemade Retro Gaming Console

Sometimes it is good to get back to the basics. Albert Gajsak decided to help turn hours of wasted time that many kids are spending on video games into a learning experience. Disguised as a handheld retro gaming device, MAKERbuino is a product that helps you learn how video game hardware and software works.

MAKERbuino is an 8-bit, retro gaming console that you put together yourself. When you order your own, it comes in a kit with all of the components needed to complete the assembly. With its simple, retro look, assembling and programming your own MAKERbuino is not too complicated. But to make it foolproof, Albert has spent the time to upload detailed descriptions for a successfully made product every time. A soldering iron, screw driver, and pliers are all you need to fully create your very own homemade retro gaming console.

This console is fully customizable for whatever your tastes may be. Games are all programmed on open source platforms, and you can even write your own. To add games to your MAKERbuino, just connect your device to your computer and download from the available games, then load them onto your console. It is hackable since it is all open source, so if you are learning to hack or enjoy hacking, you may like this product. MAKERbuino is rated for ages 11 and up, but if an 11 year old wanted to try their hand at creating their own console, I would recommend adult supervision, as soldering would be better with someone keeping an eye out.

8-bit gaming may not capture attention for a long period of time. With the craze for consoles like Nintendo DS, it does not seem likely that very many people will be into this retro style gaming. The part that I am excited about is the home assembly. More people that know how, or are interested in this sort of assembly, means more people that will go on to build real world, problem solving tech. Would you be interested in something like this that you can put together yourself? Let us know in the comment section below.

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