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Movo Photo is a company that specializes in consumer grade video equipment. They have products ranging form smartphone stabilizers to audio and lighting attachments for all video devices. Their new product is a microphone compatible with a verity of equipment called the MicRig.


MicRig is a “C” shaped mic with a mount on the bottom arm and a mic on the top one. The mount is compatible with all standard tripod mounts, and is movable which means the center of gravity is not too far forward to be uncomfortable and hard to hold straight. The handle is sturdy and able to hold up to 8lbs, with an¬†integrating shock mount that eliminates normal handling noise. Handling is made easy and comfortable with its padded grip, or you can mount the entire MicRig on a tripod with the tripod mount on the bottom.



The microphone on the MicRig is made for all situations with its ability to capture noise from 0-120dB. The mic consists of two 9.7mm condenser mics that plug into any camera, go-pro, or smartphone with the 3.5mm TRS jack. On the side of the mic you will see the low cut filter and +10dB on-board diagnostics pad which makes it perfect for all situations.


This impressive product comes without any problems from a company with a few issues. The MicRig campaign is well laid out and planned, but Movo Photo seems to have started the campaign and left. This is the second campaign run on this same product, the first of witch started well and then tanked ending with being just halfway funded. The first time around, the creators would give updates instead of answering questions directly which is fine, but seems from a consumer stand point to be a bit distant. This time they have not given updates or replied to comments at all. They still have 30 days to complete their campaign and have exceeded their funding goal as of this morning. That does not mean that the campaign is going better that their first however; they have set a more reasonable goal this time. I look forward to watching this project to see if they get more involved. Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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