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Thomas Edison once said, “Time is really the only capital any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” Over the course of our career, on average we waste over 20,000 hours by being distracted. Malcolm Gladwell says that with that time we could become a master of anything twice. This is why products like Mindset are so valuable. 


Mindset is a wireless headphone set that has EEG technology monitoring brain activity to maximize time and productivity. Three sensors on the head band touch your head as you use Mindset; they read brain activity and keep you focused. As you get distracted, you are sent a gentle audio cue to get back on track. Another way it helps optimize your time is acknowledging when your brain is fatigued, and suggesting just the right size break to keep you fresh for work.



Mindset has an aesthetically appealing design with great quality. By partnering with Onkyo, the Mindset team was able to use their expertise to add high quality sound.  Also this innovation’s noise cancellation keeps all unwanted noise out. Mindset is connected via Bluetooth, but if the battery wears down you can also connect with the auxiliary port. Mindset has a gyroscopic hinge to ensure even pressure on both ears. It takes it a step further to ensure comfort by using microfiber material keeping you cooler instead of leather for the muffs which tends to warm up with body heat.



The Mindset campaign has been run well with interaction and openness. I have not seen any red flags as far as professionalism, product quality, and the level of usefulness and innovation. The only thing that will hinder Mindset from flying off the shelves is the price. On Kickstarter, the lowest price available is $209 which is $140 less than retail. You will spend money if you are interested in high quality headphones, but would you be willing to pay $349 for headphones? It seems a bit high. You just have to calculate how much time this would help you retrieve in your personal production. Mindset is funded 269% so it looks like plenty of people will be able to look past the price and see the great product. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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