Music Player Brings the Cassette Back

New technology innovations have taken on the retro facade. Recently, we’ve seen a coffee table that features the Atari game, Pong, and keyboards that look like typewriters. Mixxim found a new direction and developed a fully functional music player that looks like a cassette player, the MIXXTAPE.

Mixxim originally developed the MIXXTAPE as a unique presentation for demo tracks. However, the developers discovered that their audience was much wider than just music producers. Consequently, the MIXXTAPE offers a fully functional music player.

MP3 players take on a variety of shapes. The MIXXTAPE doesn’t offer anything particularly unique as a music player. It has touch navigation, an LCD screen, microSD (comes with 8GB), and microUSB port. But what makes the MIXXTAPE unique is the magnetic head. This simple feature transforms the music player into a cassette adapter.

The original cassette adapter uses a cassette tape with a magnetic head and a 3.5mm connector. This method works, but it involves using a music player and the adapter tape. The MIXXTAPE, however, combines both accessories into a convenient package with the ability to adapt to the retro cassette players.

Additionally, this unique music player includes Bluetooth connectivity. Connecting to Bluetooth speakers is simple with the touch navigation and LCD display. The combination of all these features makes the MIXXTAPE convenient, unique, and just classy.


Mixxim is seeking funding for their retro project on Kickstarter. They reached their $10,000 goal with over $16,000 and 27 days left. The MIXXTAPE is being offered for $40 on Kickstarter, but retail prices it at $80 beyond the crowdfunding project. Let us know if you think the MIXXTAPE peaks your interest or if this retro music player is behind on the times.

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