True Wireless Charging


Wireless charging is the next chapter in wireless technology. Qualcomm technology has shown us that wireless charging is not only possible, but it is certain to be an industry norm. The problem with wireless charging is that something always has to be wired to receive the power. MotherBox brings wireless charging to a new level with truly wireless power transfer.


The more recent wireless chargers utilize a charging pad and a charge receiver that is connected to your phone. The charger offers little different from a traditional charger in that the pad is plugged into a power source while the phone rests on the pad. The only convenience lies in not plugging the phone into the cable.


Beyond being a wireless power bank, the MotherBox provides a unique method of power transfer. The wireless charger was built in a spherical configuration that transmits power radially in all directions. This power transmission means that you can place your phone anywhere nearby the MotherBox and receive charging. There is no pad to rest the phone on meaning that wireless charging is finally a reality.



YANK Technologies developed the MotherBox as a 6-inch diameter spheroid as well as a counterpart called the MotherBox Mini, measuring at 3-inches in diameter. The MotherBox Mini was developed as a completely wireless charger. It was built with a 7,000 mAH rechargeable battery for on-the-go charging completely free from an outlet. The MotherBox does require a receiver to be plugged into the phone to accept the power signal.


The MotherBox is a new, unique direction on wireless charging, but it does come with questions and concerns. Wireless technology emits a field of electricity when charging which could result in simply wasting power. Your phone would receive a portion of the emitted power, but the excess power is simply wasted. Power conservation does not seem to be very studied for this consumer product. The MotherBox is also constricted in range as the sphere emits power at a limited range of 20-inches at its best.


The price, however, is right. At around $100 retail, the MotherBox is a reasonable and innovative solution to the wireless predicament. MotherBox is currently seeking funding on IndieGoGo and has surpassed its goals. Let us know what you think about the MotherBox in the comment section below and if you think this is the right direction for wireless technology!


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