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Revisiting The Mouse Ledge

I recently wrote about The Mouse Ledge and my experience with a test product Creator’s Brand sent to us. I wanted to follow up my experience with a little additional information that the developers provided. While I really enjoyed the product, the developers assured us that their new product is slated to be even better.

The Mouse Ledge impressed me as a super convenient, mobile mouse platform. It clamps easily on any laptop computer and brings the mouse back to work on-the-go.

Read more about how The Mouse Ledge works on my full review!

I noted a few key details in my review that the developers addressed directly. So let me address them for you all!

First, the knob, which I didn’t find obtrusive or annoying at all, will be reduced in size. The current diameter is a little over 1.5-inches and the new design will include a 1.25-inch knob. While I didn’t find it a nuissance, smaller is almost always better for easier transportation.

mouse ledge

They also let me know that grippy UM-4 padding will replace the current SBR foam pads. UM-4 padding grips better and lasts longer which makes a great upgrade. The addition provides a nice polished change to the prototype design and ensures that it lasts longer with heavy use.

Another professional touch, the developers rendered a smoother, sleeker design overall. The Mouse Ledge will feature more curves and a more continuous surface for a retail-level product. See the rendering below for better look at the future product.

mouse ledge

The most important change, the surface gets a face lift. The prototype mouse surface is my least favorite part of The Mouse Ledge. The surface consists of a sandblasted, rough pad rubbed with nano oil. While it tracks the mouse well, the mouse cannot move smoothly over the surface. However, the developers designed an electrode formed surface for the retail model. While I haven’t felt the surface myself, the developer claims that it is much more friendly. This would be a welcome change to the original design.

The final design of The Mouse Ledge looks fantastic. While Creator’s Brand does not have a lot of experience in the technology circle, this mobile mouse pad looks professional. Be sure to check them out on Kickstarter and pick up your own Mouse Ledge for $13. Be sure to leave us a comment and tell us what you think about this new product!

2 thoughts on “Revisiting The Mouse Ledge”

  1. Dear Matthew:

    Thank you for revisiting the Mouse Ledge. We hope to have this new version ready for delivery the first part of October. You may see our updates on Kickstarter-The Mouse Ledge.

    Your friend,
    Ray Nicholas President-Creator’s

  2. This is the perfect travel companion for people who want to take their office on the road. Light weight and easy to use. This extension to your workspace is perfect for getting your computer projects done while on the go.

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