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Mouse Ledge Brings the Mouse Back to the Laptop

Laptops provide all the computing power and convenience in a tight package. However, mobility comes at a cost. Laptops trade the traditional and better performing mouse with a trackpad because it’s hard to use a mouse on a plane, car, or train. The Mouse Ledge brings the mouse back to the laptop for any mobile use… and we got to try it out.

The Mouse Ledge offers a mouse platform for the mobile businessman. It’s sleek, lightweight, sturdy, and just smart. It’s a clamp-on mouse ledge that allows you to use a mouse on-the-go in place of the less convenient trackpad.

The developers at Creator’s Brand were kind enough to send us their new product, The Mouse Ledge. This wonderful example of simple innovation surprised me with its durability and convenience. So I took the time to study over it and give you all the details.

The Pros

The frame is built from a Polycarbonate material that feels as if it could take a bullet. If you were to press your weight on it, I would be more concerned with the computer being damaged than the ledge!

While it seems like a small space to be using a mouse on, The Mouse Ledge provides plenty of space to track your cursor around your computer screen. Granted, I tend to use a mouse at a higher sensitivity. At lower sensitivities, it may be a little small. But from a mobile perspective, this product more than serves its purpose.

The developers at Creator’s Brand realized that they needed a reliable clamping system. Instead of using a spring clamp, they built a screw clamp. A spring clamp would be susceptible to wearing out and slipping off. Their design ensured a very firm mounting and creates a nearly seamless transition from the keyboard to the mousepad.

The clamp also includes foam pads to keep the computer from being damaged with use. I found the foam to be of a quality that will last a very long time without wearing out. Additionally, the back of the clamp includes a soft plastic cap to keep from scratching the other end of the ledge. The developers made sure to protect all the important places on your computer and on The Mouse Ledge.

The only piece that lacks a layer of protection is the screw end. Over time, the bare plastic screw will scratch the underside of the ledge, but that won’t be noticeable or affect the usability of the mousepad.

The Cons

I can only really complain about one aspect with The Mouse Ledge. The mouse surface grinds. When I say that it grinds, it literally feels like a very fine grain of sand paper when you use your mouse. Since it grinds, I would not recommend it for fast-paced, precision gaming. However, it would not affect business applications, but it might irritate a little. A modified top would be a welcome design change.

It should be noted that The Mouse Ledge was designed with a lot of thought. So while the surface feels a little rough, Creator’s Brand designed it to read your mouse movement accurately. It does track movement quite well regardless of how picky I might be about how it feels.

To Get VERY Nit-picky…

The Mouse Ledge rubs against your right typing hand. I didn’t find this completely irritating, but it might annoy someone else. Also, the ledge covers up any inputs on the right side of your laptop. This might mean that your CD drive becomes unaccessible or any other ports depending on your particular model.

Lastly, the screw clamp could damage your computer. The Mouse Ledge can clamp down as hard as you can crank it. The simple solution is to not crank it so hard! However, if you get happy with it and you have a plastic shell laptop, the clamp could crack that outer shell. So take it easy and just snug it down lightly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, The Mouse Ledge is a great product. There are a few other products that are similar in nature, but The Mouse Ledge just does it better. If you do business on the road and want a mouse to do some CAD or PhotoShop, this is a welcome replacement to the trackpad. This is simply a brilliant business tool and earns my stamp of approval.

The Mouse Ledge can be found on Kickstarter with their recently launched campaign. They are trying to reach their goal of $3,500 and have 25 days left. Early bird backers can get a ledge for only $13 which is almost half-off of the retail price of $25. Let us know what you think of The Mouse Ledge in the comments below!

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