Mower that Cuts Straight to the Laughs

My wife and I began digging into some of the obscure and crazy projects on Kickstarter. Very quickly, we ended up in tears over some of the projects and their outrageous pitch videos. However, the Easy Mow tickled us so much that we had to break out the tissues.

Easy Mow is a heavy-duty, remote controlled lawn mower. Using a hand welded frame and oversized wheels, this mower cuts through thicker grass than most auto mowers. While automowers on the market use plastic, battery powered motors and fail to make the cut on tall grass. The Easy Mower accomplishes the task much easier, albeit with remote control instead of automated mowing.


So what got us so tickled? The video did… in its entirety.

The opening two minutes tell a moving story of health issues and hardships. The story is emotional and I sympathize with the situation. It provides a wonderful motivation for the product.

However, the entire story is told over pages of text that flit by too fast to read thoroughly. This provided some chuckles for us as we paused it for each of the TEN┬áPAGES of full text. The video proceeds to introduce you to the many fonts of Microsoft! I think I counted about 9 font styles…

The promotional video continues with various shots of Warren Harris, the creator, welding and constructing the frame of the mower. We see a little snippet of a video in this mix. However, the rest is a slideshow. He never showcases the mower in action within the promotional video!


The best part that got us rolling came at about the 4:51 mark. Two lines of text at the top and at the bottom come rolling in from left to right. Remember that we read English from right to left. Therefore, it’s always wise to move text from right to left so you read from beginning to end. Not end to beginning!

Unfortunately for inventors, new inventions only look as good as the promotional material. If any of my readers wants to reach out to this practical individual to provide a service, please do! Unfortunately, Lots of great ideas get squelched by small promotional budgets. Be sure to check out his Kickstarter campaign and promotional video below. Also make sure you like our fanpage on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @VoxInventum!

Easy Mow: Promotional Video

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