Track your things a better way

The Mu tag is a full-featured chip that adheres to your possessions and syncs with your smartphone to act as a “virtual leash,” preventing users from losing their valuables. After quadrupling its original goal and raising more than $100,000 through its Kickstarter campaign, Informu is hoping to far exceed this amount on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.

The device utilizes Bluetooth technology to ensure users always know their possessions are nearby. When the device is outside of Bluetooth’s range, it will send the user a notification telling them that they’ve left something behind and will show them its last known location. Informu features smart notifications and learns when users don’t need to be notified, like if they leave their desk to go to the bathroom.

What is truly remarkable about the Mu Tag is its size. While retaining all the standard tech, this small tracker is less than half the size of its closest competitors. Also unlike most competitors who must be fastened to your belongings, Mu Tag sticks. This sticky side endures through life and is water resistant.

Below are the new features available to Indiegogo backers:

  1. Find Your Phone Feature: Using a soft-touch-button, effortlessly ping your phone.
  2. Seamless User Interface: We have included a soft-touch-button for switching modes as well as a LED to indicate both battery level and pairing status.
  3. Remote Web Access: Track all your tags with a remote web app to ensure that your items are always in reach.
  4. Over-The-Air(OTA) Updates: Seamless OTA updates to constantly improve functionality and improve software.

Informu’s Indiegogo campaign has 23 days left and will be running through August 2. Indiegogo backers can purchase the new version of the Mu Tag for $25. The retail for the device is $30 which is average for locator chips. If you are prone to losing your things like I am, feel free to check out the campaign and get your own at the discounted price. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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