Wearable Charging Cable

Everything is wearable these days, but have you ever seen a wearable charging cable? Yes you heard correctly. NIFTYX has created an elegant cable that you can wear as a bracelet. This hand braided leather wrist band looks so nice that if you wear one, people will not know you are wearing your charging cable on your wrist. Since it is completely waterproof it is handy and available for all situations.

In April 2016, the original NIFTYX was successfully funded on Indiegogo and was perfect for any battery shortage issue. This model has an integrated power bank that can help get you out of Ā a jam. After the success of their first campaign, the team continued to innovate and came back earlier this year with round two. This new version offered new colors and better stability for your device. In emergencies, NIFTYX boasted its “niftiness”.

Finally, just a few days ago they launched a third campaign on Kickstarter to get the “second Generation’ on its way to production. This new version of the NIFTYX is their double wrap version. As the name suggests, it is much longer than the original wrapping twice around the wrist instead of just once. It ranges for seven to ten inches long. Although lengtheningĀ is a good option as far as charging cables go, it seems to drop the power bank. This power bank was very appealing to me and I am not excited to see it go.

The NIFTYX team seem to spend quite a bit of time on crowd funding sites and blow their goal out of the water every time. But as this product demonstrates, not every alteration is good. This has not stopped the backing frenzy however, as they reached their goal within 30 hours of launching the campaign. Though I am not excited to see the power bank go, I still really like the elegance and style of the bands and would personally wear one daily with no problem. Is this something you would wear? If you are intrigued, check out the campaign and get your own for just $8. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and follow us on Twitter.

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