Nolo VR


Virtual Reality technology has become more and more popular in recent years. We are still perfecting interactive game play with VR, and the next step in this technology is coming soon. Nolo VR has a six degrees of freedom (DoF) motion system compatible with Android and mobile VR headsets.


The Nolo pack includes its headset marker, two hand held controllers, and the base. The headset marker connects to your VR headset and interacts with the base giving you positioning precision of less than 2mm. This system avoids dizziness with its positioning latency of less that 20ms and frequency of 60Hz. Nolo’s controllers have this six DoF tracking system also with a touch pad and trigger, but also menu and system buttons. This gives Nolo the ability to be compatible with over 700 steam and mobile games.



The goal of the creators of Nolo is to bring the ability of VR gaming to the mobile platform so that it can be much more affordable for the consumer. The four piece set is retailed at $149. This set, combined with any android phone, gives you the feel of Oculus Rift at less than one third the cost.




I feel this is a great product to help boost the VR industry. In a free market, the low price will cause VR creators to innovate more efficiently than ever while continuing with a quality product.


“it’s a far more affordable solution to enjoying high-quality VR than any existing option in the market.” –


Nolo is programmed to be played with mobile games, but there are not as many options out there for you. In order to use steam you must be connected to a computer. This is understandable as Steam is a PC gaming platform. Mobile games can be played completely wirelessly for its four hour battery life. Until the bank of mobile games grows this will be necessary. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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