Another Fidget device… seriously?

I am really getting tired of seeing all of these fidget devices. First there was the spinners; they were a captivating novelty. Then all of the sudden there were hundreds of different kinds of spinners. Now there are pens and other random fidget devices, the latest of which is the Orbiter.

Technology inventions seem to go through trends where there are loads of one kind of product invented or adapted at the same time.  Just like wallets, watches,  drones, and 3D printers, Fidget devices have come to the focal point in today’s invention frenzy. Everyone and their mother seems to have a new one coming out. Some are practical, some are intrusive, and some are just down right stupid. The Orbiter seems to fall into none of these categories. It is small, but does not really have any real secondary use as the Fidget pens do.

The Orbiter is well made to keep your hands occupied. It consists of two parts. The first is a small circular magnetic anchor for the second piece which is a small chrome steel ball. The cylindrical section has two options. You can get the aluminum bronze coated one that is corrosive resistant or the DLC coated titanium that is scratch and impact resistant and guaranteed never to scuff. This fidget device will hold up through your most stressful moments.

As a fidget device, Orbiter is one of the best I have seen, but it still harbors a few small issues. First, the pieces are very small which can make it easy to loose or be swallowed.  I would not see this as a good addition to someone’s life if they are around small children much. Second, while the pieces are small, they are not permanently connected in any way. There is the potential to loose one piece, which would make the other completely useless.

You can find Orbiter on Indigogo for preorders for the next month at $45. This keeps it off the cheeper side of fidget devices, but that is not surprising given the quality. Are you tired of seeing fidget devices everywhere too? Maybe this is the one you’ve been holding out for. Either way, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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