Find your voice with orii

Technology has helped us create a truly amazing life. No longer do we have to wait for almost anything. With today’s push for immediacy, we can be immensely more productive. The downside to this fantastic life that has been created is that we have begun to live virtual social lives on our phones instead of making memories with friends in person. Origami Labs has seen this issue and developed a new kind of smart ring to help — Orii.

Orii fits on your finger and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the app, it checks your notifications and shows you on the ring exactly what kind of notification you have received. This way, during a conversation, you can simply look at your ring to know if there is something you need to take care of right away or not. You are able to program the four LED lights to light up in whatever formation you choose for the type of notification you receive.

You may say, “Well that’s not new.” And you would be correct. What makes the Orii ring stand out is its call feature. While wearing the ring, you can take the call and instead of pulling your phone out or messing with headphones, simply touch your ear with your finger. the ring will vibrate your finger and send the call sound through your finger and vibrate your ear allowing you to hear the phone call as clear as if you were holding your phone up. Some say it is even more clear. Since it uses vibrations directly to your ear, you can hear even at a loud party.

Orii is intuitive and well made. With the ring you can use google assistant or siri to post and send messages. And just like any other ring you may wear, you do not have to take it off to wash your hands because it’s water resistant. There are no exposed ports because Origami Labs decided not to cut corners with charging. Each ring comes with a portable charger that will give a full charge in about an hour and can recharge your ring four to five times before recharging its battery.

There are a few things that you may not like about Orii however. The team boasts about the ring’s battery life. They say it has a stand by time of up to 45 hours, but if you were to constantly be on the phone, the battery lasts just over an hour. The way they justify this is to say that generally phone calls last for two to three minutes anyways so you are good. I find that to be untrue in many cases for me personally, but this may not be an issue for you.

Another thing that may be annoying is its size and shape. While the team has worked very hard to get the ring as small as possible, it resembles a Bluetooth earpiece from ten years ago. Its not quite as long, but still. They have said that that is one thing that they will be working on for Orii 2.0.

Over all, I really like the idea and look forward to more such products. The team is very hands on in the campaign and I look forward to seeing them succeed. They have received over 550% funding and still have 18 days left on their Kickstarter campaign. Feel free to check them out and get your own Orii ring today. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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