True Wireless Charging


Wireless charging is the next chapter in wireless technology. Qualcomm technology has shown us that wireless charging is not only possible, but it is certain to be an industry norm. The problem with wireless charging is that something always has to be wired to receive the power. MotherBox brings wireless charging to a new level with truly wireless power transfer. Continue reading True Wireless Charging

Protect Yourself… Again


In 1995, IBM came out with the Simon, the first smartphone. Since then, the idea has improved far more than ever imagined at the time and we now have phones more powerful than the computers of that time. We are now faced with new challenges from our phones. Recently we have found that there is some radiation from phones that is harmful when in contact with them. Is Avias Radiation the solution? Continue reading Protect Yourself… Again

Path to Success: Week 5


Crowdfunding sites are drowning in new ideas in technology. There are far too many to sift through and seek out the good inventions. That is why we are here. This is your weekly update on the eye-catching, new products that you should consider backing. This week features updates on crowdfunded projects that we have mentioned before. Continue reading Path to Success: Week 5

Secret to Success on Campaigns


Here at Vox Inventum we gravitate toward crowd funding sites with the goal of exposure for small companies with new ideas. I have noticed several campaigns over multiple crowd funding sites that fall short of their funding goal and in turn get nothing from their campaign. In this article, I will be going over a few things to optimize the chances for a successful campaign. Continue reading Secret to Success on Campaigns