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Path to Success: Week 26

As always, I’m bringing you new products and updates on popular projects! Stay informed with our video series Path to Success which gives you a weekly update. Be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop on the latest and greatest crowdfunded technology projects.

This week I’m going off the books and doing a written update. If you’re new to Vox Inventum, you can find my weekly update videos on YouTube!


First up, let me update you on two products that I talked about last week. I won’t get super detailed as each of these products can be read about on our website. Find the links within this article!

Whitefox Mechanical Keyboard

The Whitefox Mechanical Keyboard is a professional grade keyboard tooled with quality in mind. It’s a cut-down keyboard with an aluminum body and full customization. What makes Whitefox better than most is the customization on the BIOS side. The software backing this keyboard is something special and worth checking out.

Input Club, the developers, are currently exploring using a USB Type-A connector in place of the originally designed Type-C. This is an exciting development pushing the new connector forward.

The campaign has achieved over $267,000 of their $100,000 goal and has not released any stretch goals. We hoped to see some stretch goals with some new features, but the developers don’t seem to have any plans on releasing any. They have, however, released some details on future product lines on their updates page. There are only 9 days left on the campaign, so things are starting to wrap up.


The Dewgood, as I discussed in last weeks Path to Success, condenses moisture from the air into pure, drinkable water. The box offers a unique tool for developing countries and those trying to conserve water from municipal sources. Unfortunately, this product costs $2,000 per unit making unaffordable for most consumers.

Overall, I believe this product offers something useful for third-world countries with limited sources of clean water. However, especially dry areas will not have sufficient humidity to provide the water needed for the Dewgood to accomplish its job.

Unfortunately, the IndieGoGo campaign is not taking off as it has only achieved $10,000 of its $50,000 goal. There are still 2 months left on the campaign, so success is still achievable.


As always, I like to introduce a new product into Path to Success. This week I wrote about the Scorkl, which lets you breath underwater without the cumbersome scuba gear. 

My knowledge and experience with scuba equipment is marginal. However, I can appreciate the convenience and innovation of the Scorkl. This simple, refillable air canister can take you deep into the water without the need for a full scuba get-up. Additionally, the developers created a high pressure hand pump to refill your air tank without the need for pre-filled scuba tanks.

breathing apparatus

The Scorkl recently achieved their funding and is in demand. While I normally don’t mention completed projects, I think this product deserves some attention. The Scorkl is available for order on the IndieGoGo page.

That’s going to wrap things up! Thanks for faithfully reading up on our website and I hope that you tune in daily! Be sure check out our YouTube page for a weekly update that keeps you informed on the latest crowdfunding news.


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