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Path to Success: Week 6


Crowdfunding sites are drowning in new ideas in technology. There are far too many to sift through and seek out the good inventions. That is why we are here. This is your weekly update on the eye-catching, new products that you should consider backing. This week features practical solutions to everyday struggles.




Utilizing a SIM card and a WiFi internet connection, the VoxEra is a communication device that allows you to text and call long distance without roaming charges. This little international caller is a great solution to the traveler needing to stay connected to home. VoxEra is early in their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and will soon exceeded their needed funds.









dbell HD Live

dbell HD Live is a smart doorbell with security in mind. Housing an HD camera and smart capabilities, this doorbell lets you monitor and unlock your doors. dbell offers new level of smart security to connect to your numerous other smart home devices. dbell has exceeded funding on IndieGoGo and still has about a month of funding left.












Bone conduction headphones are a great solution to concealed smart headphones. Hy was developed to be concealed headphones that you wear and forget about. Being bone conduction headphones, the Hy doesn’t wear out your ears from long-time use. Hy has just reached their funding on IndieGoGo.











Vox Inventum is about showing you new inventions as well as keeping you informed on ones we have already talked about. Here is a quick update on some of the best products in crowdfunding.




PC builders know how to squeeze parts into very tight spaces. The SENTRY was designed to house a full gaming PC into a console sized case without sacrificing on performance. Maximizing on ventilation and component placement, the SENTRY is a sharp case with a slim form. The SENTRY exceeded its goal on IndieGoGo and you can be looking out for the case on the market for around $235.








The 3D printer has been outfitted for desktop use and reinvented thousands of times. Small developers have been given all that they need to begin creating their ideas, except for a desktop vacuum former. The Vaquform was developed to bring a vacuum former for those first prototypes or small jobs without needing an industrial model. The new vacuum former will reach the market at the $600 mark after a successful Kickstarter campaign.








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