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Path to Success: Week 7


Crowdfunding sites are drowning in new ideas in technology. There are far too many to sift through and seek out the good inventions. That is why we are here. This is your weekly update on the eye-catching, new products that you should consider backing. This week features a variety of green, safety, and tiny tech.



Material science has gone a step further in creating a new material that is as strong as steel, as flexible as rope, and as malleable as putty. Braeön is a plastic ribbon made to fit any strength tested circumstance. It has the tensile strength of steel being able to withstand over 2500 pounds of stress. Braeön has exceeded its funding on Kickstarter and will be sold at a retail price of $20 for 20 ft.









Bullet 02

The world’s smallest LED flashlight just got a little smaller with the Bullet 02. Packing a high intensity LED light in a waterproof package, the Bullet 02 is a tiny, easy to cary keychain item. You can pick up a Bullet 02 for only $10 in their Kickstarter campaign which has exceeded its funding.












The PocketPower is on crowdfunding once again with an IndieGoGo campaign. This solar panel is compact enough to fit in your pocket and take it on the go giving you portable, green recharging power. See our detailed article for more information! They are currently seeking about $10,000 more in the next 11 days.











Vox Inventum is about showing you new inventions as well as keeping you informed on ones we have already talked about. Here is a quick update on some of the best products in crowdfunding.



dbell HD Live

dbell HD Live is a smart doorbell with security in mind. Housing an HD camera and smart capabilities, this doorbell lets you monitor and unlock your doors. dbell offers new level of smart security to connect to your numerous other smart home devices. dbell has exceeded funding on IndieGoGo and still has about 18 days of funding left.










Utilizing a SIM card and a WiFi internet connection, the VoxEra is a communication device that allows you to text and call long distance without roaming charges. This little international caller is a great solution to the traveler needing to stay connected to home. VoxEra has exceeded their needed funds on Kickstarter.









Show your support for these crowdfunded products by backing their projects or just sharing this post! Stay up to date with our weekly Path to Success posts and stay on top of today’s technology. Let us know what your favorite project is in the comments below!


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