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Path to Success: Week 1


This is the first post outlining the best and brightest crowdfunded projects. The purpose of Vox Inventum is to promote project that we consider to be unique and breakthrough inventions. Path to Success is our way of keeping you updated on the progress of bringing those special products to market. Be sure to check in and see our weekly update on products we find noteworthy and special!


This weeks crowdfunded projects come mostly from Kickstarter. A few of these projects you can read more about on our website. Visit Vox Inventum daily for a new post about exciting new inventions.


Steadycam Volt

The Steadicam Volt is a elegant solution to steady and cinematic videography with a smartphone. The Volt utilizes a stabilization technology that rivals the reaction speed of 3-axis gimbals that have become popular. Coming from a company with a reputation for producing quality camera gear, the Steadicam Volt is a great product for $200.









Much like something out of a Splinter Cell novel, HEAT-O is a thermostat that stays with you. Extreme cold situations call for extra layers and additional articles of clothing, but the HEAT-O provides heat under all those layers. It consists of heating pads that you configure under your clothing and control with wrist dial. The HEAT-O is a unique solution to extreme temperatures.








Light switches are sometimes dedicated to certain outlets (I know that I have a few). There are times that those outlets are not conveniently located or there just are not enough of them. Switcheroo allows you to make multiple outlets dedicated to the same switch. A simple solution to a common problem makes this Kickstarter noteworthy.









Alpha hails from another renowned company who has developed action cameras in a small form factor. Mokacam has developed what they tout at the world’s smallest 4k action camera. The Alpha brings action cameras to the next generation of video production. They can be found on IndieGoGo.









Inirv React

Homes are becoming smarter in nearly every way. The Inirv React is a smart stove knob that allows you to control burners remotely. It was developed to make stove-top cooking safer and easier. A simple invention that transforms the everyday routine of cooking into something more convenient, the Inerv React is on the fast track to market.








Be sure to check out these projects and help them be successful! Each of these projects rely on your support on social media, funding, and word-of-mouth. We also rely on your support! So let us know which project is your favorite and why in the comment section below and be sure to like and share on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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