The New Bluetooth Typewriter

The keyboard is a standardized tool that is relatively hard to improve. Recently, we’ve seen the onset of split keyboards made specifically for gaming and foldable ones for the mobile blogger. The Penna, on the other hand, exudes style, mobility, and maybe a little of that hipster vibe.

The Art

Tech that catches my eye is usually innovative or outrageous. However, the Penna drew me in with visual appeal. This full sized,  Cherry MX keyboard looks like a typewriter, but functions like a modern keyboard. Featuring chrome accents and minimalist colors, the Penna is a beautiful writer’s companion.

This Bluetooth keyboard comes in black, white, and wood. All colors include the chrome accent pieces. Additionally, keys come in the simple white Diamond Keycaps and the Retro Chrome Keycaps. Both styles give a sleek and stylish look and feel and are completely interchangeable on the Cherry MX board.

The Technology

While the visual appeal is a large part of this keyboard, it also has a few unique  features that make it convenient on-the-go. The Penna is a Bluetooth 4.2 keyboard with the ability to pair with up to 5 devices. You can select your device by using the FN and F1 through F5 keys. This simple feature makes it easy to pair with a tablet, PC, smartphone, and any other Bluetooth capable device.

Generally, when using a mobile device with a Bluetooth keyboard, you need a stand. While tablet stands can be inexpensive, they are rarely a convenient item to carry around. This keyboard features its own device cradle. The developers designed the cradle to hold a tablet or other mobile device at 105º for easy viewing. The built-in cradle makes the Penna a more mobile-friendly device. Although, a full sized keyboard is not any more convenient to carry than a tablet stand and is not advertised as a mobile keyboard.

The most interesting design feature of the Penna is the unique Macro Bar. This metallic sidebar can both record key strokes as well as transfer saved key strokes. Unfortunately, the macro bar is limited in its functions. It seems to only be able to hold one set of key strokes at a given time. Regardless, Macros have become a staple on aftermarket keyboards and this input method is… unique.

In conclusion, the Penna offers a familiar product in a wonderfully unique package. This piece of artwork has exceeded funding on Kickstarter by almost 400% achieving almost $200,000 of their $50,000 goal. The Kickstarter campaign still has 23 days left and is offering the Penna for $100 ($80 less than the retail cost). Let us know if this retro keyboard is your style in the comments below!

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