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Do You Want Perfume In Your Phone Case?

While we try to dig out the best technology from crowdfunding, we often come across the absurd. That happened to me as I stumbled on the Puf Case which brings a perfume dispenser to your phone case. Because perfume just isn’t portable enough.

The Puf Case is a simple concept with simple execution. You fill the case with your perfume, and the the case dispenses that perfume in spurts via a button on the top of the case. So, if you are on-the-go you simply freshen up without the hassle of bringing your perfume bottle.

I’ll start off saying that this is one of the most unnecessary technology accessories I’ve seen on IndieGoGo. The phone case has already been recreated in a hundred different ways and this rendition fails to excite. People never asked for perfume in a phone case. I doubt people ever will. Is it that hard to take perfume with you?

But I analyze these things with a more detailed and objective approach, so here goes. The campaign begins its pitch with how inconvenient carrying around perfume is.  Though, I honestly cannot say that I have ever heard someone complain about that. But the developers still solved the problem!

The perfume case lacks anything really new. It simply provides a small reservoir of perfume with a refill point and a button that sprays the perfume out of the back of the case. Another humorous note: the images depict a beautiful mist of perfume while the video animation shows a much more disappointing spurt.


The campaign goes on to state where you can use your phone case. Can you guess it? Everywhere… You obviously use your phone case everywhere. Not sure why this is a selling point.

On the upside of the design, the developers built this perfume case to be thin. The additional reservoir space adds a minimal amount of girth to the phone. Although, less girth means less perfume volume. This case provides 10ml to be exact. So, the heavy scented can’t expect to be able to load up on their favorite perfume.

The perfume case does not feature any technical advancements or enhancements. Puf Case does have a sleek design with a clean and sharp look. But hundreds of cases feature the same aesthetic appeal. However, the developers of Puf Case ask for $79 retail for this mediocre phone case. The product just lacks any real innovation or practicality. The price just doesn’t match the product.

Puf Case showcases as a product that everyone “will have.” I’m not convinced. The Puf Case provides a solution to problem that maybe 10 people have. I think that my opinion proves correct by the lack of campaign backers. The campaign asks for $486,000 (wildly optimistic for most campaigns) and only achieved $16 from 3 backers. So, I don’t foresee the Puf Case performing well in crowdfunding or beyond.

Let us know what you think about the Puf Case in the comments below! Tell us if you like the product or you think it’s just crap.

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