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Plastic Welding is the New “Not Glue”

3D printing changed the world of innovation over the past 5 years. However, when simply repairing or filling in gaps, not much exists on the market. Superglue offers a brittle, quick-dry agent that temporarily fixes small issues. When you need a plastic repair, BondicEVO offers a liquid plastic welding tool that makes plastic fixes on-the-go.

Bondic, as a company, developed a plastic welding tool 3 years ago. This tool advertises as “not glue.” Glue fails to bond plastic well and stand up to harsh conditions. It also lacks the integrity of plastic being brittle. Additionally, glue begins drying on contact with air which causes problems when forming.

Bondic, on the other hand, is a plastic monomer. Basically, a cohesive polymer makes your hard plastics. The Bondic formula splits the polymer up using a liquid. The split polymer chain creates these free-floating monomers. When you introduce a special UV light, the monomers form that polymer chain that makes a nice, hard plastic.

plastic welder

Enough chemistry. All of that means that you can form your plastic in liquid form until you get the desired shape before drying. Also, after drying, you mill into a desired shape. Therefore, plastic forms much better than glue and offers a much more resilient product.

The BondicEVO specifically offers a slightly new design from former versions of the Bondic plastic welder. First, the UV light, formerly on the back of the bonder, rests on the front. So you point the welder in the same direction. Also, the UV light battery is easily accessible and inexpensive. The BondicEVO offers a versatile tool that fits in your pocket.

plastic welder

It’s hard to find something to complain about with the BondicEVO. It’s affordable, versatile, portable, and simple. Overall, it’s a great tool for every shop.

The developers are seeking funding on Kickstarter to launch this new product. They have raised $108,000 of their $36,000 goal and offer the BondicEVO for only $10 as a backer reward. Let us know what you think in comments!

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