Today I got home from work and relaxed to some Netflix on my phone. I was soon to get the dreaded “low battery” alert just before it was time to run a few errands. I like keeping my portable battery charger with me but today it was not charged either. I need something that I can carry in my pocket to power my devices that I will not have to keep charging separately. I love the idea of solar chargers and that is why PocketPower caught my eye.



PocketPower is a foldable, solar charger that fits in your pocket. Folded to its most compact structure, it is just bigger than an iPhone 6s and only weighs 200g. The PocketPower can charge any device through USB and uses very clean energy to do so. You can take it camping with ease and power any USB equipment you have. When in use the PocketPower automatically starts charging and if the sun is blocked in the sky, when the clouds move it starts right back up again. The output is USB 2.0 which is plenty for most devices. PocketPower is handy no matter where you are.




PocketPower is very durable. It can withstand dust and dirt, but what was surprising to me is that it is completely waterproof. The panel has deep embossing which gives it the ability to catch light from different angles, picking it up as if the face of the panel was in direct sunlight. It works in any weather from -20° to 70° Celsius. A product that fits in your pocket and is this durable and useful is definitely worth considering.


There is only one issue that I am not excited about, and that is the energy production in low light situations. Granted it is a small product but if you fold it at all it loses a considerable amount of power, and understandably so. For outdoors people in sunny areas, this is your product. Let us know what you think in the comment section below and follow us on Facebook!

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