Bringing Pong Back

Some technology is not so much useful as it is just plain cool. The Table Pong Project fulfills the gamers dreams as a coffee table with Pong built in. So clear off the coffee table of all the used napkins and dirty dishes from binge watching The Office and play a game with your spouse!

Gerardo Orioli began the Table Pong Project envisioning families gathering around games like they used to. The professionally built coffee table is constructed to retro detail. The retro element comes alive with the iconic bouncing lights and sounds. While the original Pong was an arcade game, this iteration uses magnetic fields and electric motors. Orioli built the table under Atari licensing and with beautiful elements fit for any gamer’s rec room.

Now that we’ve drooled over the project for a moment, I cannot help but consider some of the drawbacks. The Table Pong Project is expensive. The retro-centric coffee table costs $1,690. I was fortunate enough to pay much less for my coffee table at home (unfortunately it can’t play any games¬†yet). The Kickstarter campaign is featuring a backer discount which prices the table at $900. While this is a significant discount, it still lies outside most budgets.

While the Pong table is expensive, it is also very delicate. Most coffee tables are for practical uses. Orioli added custom, pivoting lids to the sides for the easy coffee table conversion, but who feels comfortable enough to put a can of soda on a $1,700 table? A coffee table with inner mechanics is a dangerous piece of furniture for liquids and crumbs.

The Table Pong Project is a beautiful tribute to a classic and historic game. Gaming fanatics can drool and show off their fanaticism with a well built piece of furniture. Although, the project has yet to reach the necessary funding. Be sure to check out the Table Pong Project on Kickstarter and let us know if you pick up a  table!

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