Powerbank Recharges After 2 Days

Today, I bring you a new format for quick reads. So don’t expect in-depth analysis. But we will introduce you to something fascinating, stupid, or funny in the space of just 150 words or less… First up, HELIO: Solar Light & Powerbank for Adventures & Emergencies.

The developers of HELIO created a solar rechargeable power bank with a 5,200 mAh battery and 150 lumen light for outdoor adventures. The powerbank is nothing new and this powerbank offers the same old technology in a standard package. Overall, the HELIO looks nice and offers decent features.


However, HELIO bates you with saving the planet while offering a full charge after 2 days of sunlight. Alternately, you can charge the battery via USB in just 6 hours. The emotional appeal to their marketing borderlines on nauseating with their “100% solar – 100%” hear slogan. To top it off, this powerbank will retail at a whopping $100. Good luck selling at that price, HELIO.

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