professional artist tools

Professional Artist Tool Changes Up the Mouse

Many artists use computers as their choice medium. So the need for artistic tech tools has drastically increased. Painting, editing, and drawing with a mouse and keyboard presents a challenge to classically trained artists. Rev-O-mate introduces a new companion tool that makes graphic artistry easier.

Bit Trade One developed the Rev-O-mate to be a companion tool to your professional artist tools. It looks like a simple dial with a series of buttons. So it uses the rotating top for scroll functions along with the buttons to select your various artist tools.

professional artist tools

The Rev-O-mate is smart, simple and only $70. However, the Kickstarter video was recorded in Japanese. So if you’re a unilingual English speaker (like me) than you’ll have to just read their campaign. Overall, it’s a smart, professional artist tool and deserves a look. Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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