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Programmable keyboards seem to never leave the innovation circuit. Previously, we wrote about split keyboards and typewriter keyboards. However, this keyboard holds renown, durability, and customizability. The Whitefox Mechanical Keyboard brings an engineering, DIY keyboard to the consumer market.

I believe you all know how keyboards work. The Whitefox does not reinvent the wheel with this compact, programmable keyboard. It does, however, provide a quality product with completely customizable features.

professional keyboard

Input Club, the creators of Whitefox, developed previous versions of their mechanical keyboard in DIY kits for the engineering fluent. This professional keyboard experienced a lot of success. But the narrow focus prevented them from appealing to the masses. The Whitefox [Vera] was created as a complete, professional keyboard for general consumer use. Therefore, the quality product that engineers and technically proficient consumers have enjoyed can now be experienced by the casual consumer.

So what makes this keyboard special? First, Whitefox stands out as a durable keyboard. The board sports an aluminum body for a stout and sturdy frame. Crafted from highly durable PBT engineering plastics, the keys come dye-sublimated to prevent wearing and fading.

professional keyboard

But the construction goes further. A majority of keyboards include mechanical switches as a standard. However, most keyboards include the standard Cherry MX switches. While this provides a certain universality, Input Club wanted to improve on the traditional key.

Input Club invented two new key types, the Halo True and the Halo Clear. The Halo True offers a smooth, tactile switch from beginning to end, while the Halo Clear offers a subtle bump on the activation point. These new keys offer one major difference to Cherry MX switches, they reduce “pre-load” effort. Basically, the keys require less movement and force to reach activation. This simple difference provides a more professional and satisfying experience.

Every Whitefox keyboard includes the onboard BIOS, arguably the greatest feature that it offers. KLL (Keyboard Layout Language) allows the user to program all keys for complete customization. It also makes the keyboard compatible with MAC, Linux, and Windows. Also, it provides custom layouts and macros for every key.

professional keyboard

From a consumer perspective, the Whitefox provides a professional keyboard with amazing functionality. However, for the general consumer, this keyboard offers way more than what you might need. The Whitefox also lists at $169, which discourages the casual typographer. I would label this keyboard as a professional tool for the keyboard enthusiast or professional desk jockey.

Oh, I almost forgot! You also get an origami fox with your keyboard… Woohoo! That alone must account for half the price.

Input Club posted their keyboard to Kickstarter and offers the keyboard as a backer reward. The campaign has 34 days left and has earned $63,000 of their $100,000 goal. They ran this campaign to offer the consumer model of the professional keyboard and to test interest in it. Let us know if you buy a Whitefox in the comments below. Be sure to like our fan page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


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