Fully equipped survival flashlight

For the outdoorsman, there is a new survival tool working its way to the market, but not the traditional type that you would think. Survival knives are a dime a dozen these days, but in today’s technological world, how about a technology that can help you survive even in the coldest winter? Introducing Pyyros, the ultimate survival flashlight.

The best way to describe Pyyros is a tactical mag-light with survival attachments. When you are lost in the woods, you need three things: light, power, and heat. Pyyros has all of that and more.

Made to withstand any condition, the flashlight can be used as a hammer and even a wedge to split wood. You can either get the aluminum model, or if you think your lifestyle requires it, there is also a titanium option. While titanium is much stronger than aluminum, it is also more than five times as expensive.

The base model includes the 1000 Lumen LED light, a USB charger for charging your phone and other devices, and the hammer cap. There are several other things available for add-ons for this model, or you could just go with the Pyyros Expedition model which has all attachments included. The only thing left to purchase after all attachments are obtained is the wind and water USB turbine charger. This allows you to charge the flashlight via wind or water energy so that you are never stranded without power.

Other attachments include: Fire starter, Iodine water purifier capsules, a screwdriver set, and one empty module. The final attachment is perhaps the most essential for making it home from being lost in the woods. An attachment called the personal beacon locator sends a distress signal via satellite to inform response teams of your location for rescue. For added signal strength, there is coiled wires inside that you pull out which act as an antenna sending your call out more effectively.

In terms of survival, they seem to have thought of everything. With the high quality that is advertised, Pyyros would be a great addition to anyone’s camping bag. Check them out on Kickstarter. They have 43 days left but have not picked up momentum on their campaign yet. Is there any other add-ons that you think should have been included? Let us know in the comment section below.


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