UV Kills Germs… And Leaves You to Clean Up the Mess

Ah, water bottles. If you haven’t gotten enough of them, I have one more for you. Justin Wang recently developed a new water bottle that purifies and self-cleans using UV. Why? Because cleaning out those pesky water bottles is haaaard.

I love water purification. I do. Working as a civil engineer, I have had the opportunity to spend some time in water treatment plants. It amazed me when I learned about UV water treatment and how it can replace the chlorination process of some water treatment. It truly is a fascinating process as you watch green, murky water turn white as intense UV light kills off bacteria at a rapid pace.


Translate my experience to your water bottle. The concept remains the same. Using a UV-C LED the QUARTZ bottle purportedly eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria. So the developers tout this new bottle as a truly self-cleaning water bottle. However, I have my qualms.

Killing bacteria is awesome. We all love to rub our hands with sanitizer and feel confident that all that disease-carrying material is wiped away. However, killing bacteria does not make it magically disappear. Remember the white water I told you about? That same process occurs in your water bottle. So the QUARTZ kills all that bacteria, but it doesn’t remove it. You still have to clean the bottle or filter the water, and you should!


On a positive note, dead bacteria is still a good thing. It keeps the bottle from building up microorganisms and also makes it easier to clean. While the developers failed to mention that you should still clean the bottle or filter the water, they do offer a great product with a sound concept. Unfortunately, the QUARTZ is retailed at $99 for an 18oz bottle. That’s a pretty penny for water bottle.

Overall, the QUARTZ offers a fascinating product. I would love to see more developers take on this concept and implement new twists at a more affordable price. QUARTZ has exceeded their goals on Kickstarter dramatically having achieved $1.3 million. Let us know what you think of the UV water bottle and if you’ll be buying one.

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