The World’s Toughest Headphones


Outdoor Tech has become a leader in creating truly tough technology. They are known for the Turtle Shell and Chips speakers for rough and rugged use. Their latest development is the Rhinos World’s Toughest Headphones.


Headphones have provided a more full sound, but headphones are vulnerable to rugged outdoor environments. The Rhinos was developed to be waterproof, shatter proof, and resistant to frigid temperatures. Using a stiff, but flexible plastic, the Rhinos can be dropped, used in sub-zero temperatures (rated for -4 ºF), and even tossed in the water.


Outdoor Tech developed these headphones to be tough, but they also made sure to focus on comfort and quality sound. The headset was built with 40mm drivers for that heavy, rich tone that we all love. The headset also includes a built-in microphone and external controls for skipping, volume, and a walkie talkie function. The headphones have a 3.5mm jack so that the auxiliary can be detached from the headphones. The Rhinos is complete with a total package of headset functions.




The Rhinos is touted as a waterproof headset, but it should be noted that the headphones are not made for diving or extended water submersion. They are rated for IPX6 water exposure. IPX6 is a rating for heavy splashing and rain, not immersion (which is found in IPX7). The Rhinos headphones are made to withstand being dropped in a pool and floating so that you can recover them without them being completely ruined.


We are also curious how the Rhinos sounds compared to other headphones of similar quality. The increased protection from water exposure could hamper the sound quality. According to people who tried the headphones at CES, the Rhinos is a quality headset made for the outdoors. Outdoor Tech has proven themselves to be exceptional audio developers and we can expect a quality product from the Rhinos. Let us know what you think about the Rhinos and be sure to share tweet @VoxInventum!


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