sd card holder

SD Card Holder Fails to Impress

Technology gets smaller every day. Developers create new tech, but sometimes they create the same tech smaller. Unfortunately, small tech gets difficult to deal with forcing us to become more organized and careful. The CardGear Duo provides organization and portability for your tiny tech.

The CardGear Duo organizes your microSD cards, SD cards, and mini USBs. The organizer consists of a basic plastic card with an elastic band. The developers stitched the elastic band to include three individual pockets to separate each tiny piece of technology.

Overall, the CardGear Duo provides a convenient, slim SD card holder at a only $6. However, this product lacks polish and offers little more than other, similar products on the market.

sd card holder

The developers advertised this product for its thin portability. While the developers built it thin, it fails to offer that much over numerous SD card holders on the market. Similar products offer a pocket-sized card holder with full enclosure and even water-proofing. The SD card holder in a convenient size is not a particularly new product.

Additionally, the price compares equally to other products on the market. While the CardGear Duo appears to be homemade, a similar price provides a professionally produced product.

sd card holder

The CardGear Duo offers a product that lacks any real innovation. While the product fulfills all its promises, it fails to bring something new to the table. The developers are seeking funding on Kickstarter having reached $4,000 of their $8,000 goal with 50 days left. Let us know if you think that it’s worth the money in the comments below.

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