Secret to Success on Campaigns


Here at Vox Inventum we gravitate toward crowd funding sites with the goal of exposure for small companies with new ideas. I have noticed several campaigns over multiple crowd funding sites that fall short of their funding goal and in turn get nothing from their campaign. In this article, I will be going over a few things to optimize the chances for a successful campaign.


First, I have noticed several campaigns that have great products, but are listed in a category that does not represent most people that would be interested. This restricts the campaign to viewers which are less likely to help fund the project and in the end, finish with a failing campaign.


Next, always be sure that the campaign is written in a way that shows some form of intellect beyond the product itself. In a presentation video it is not as imperative, but especially in the description writing below, using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and organization is a great way to add rapport with viewers. An example of this is GARY. While their campaign was funded successfully, their campaign was riddled with poor grammar and misspellings. The potential to earn much more may have been inhibited by these mistakes.



Another misstep in campaign development is misinformation or contradictory facts about the product. Even if the error is minor, a contradiction could cause viewers to mistrust the entire campaign. It is a good practice to compare sections that talk about the same things. Another form of misinformation is flat out lying about the campaign itself. This happens from time to time when someone wants to make a quick buck. Sabastion Wagner did this when he tried to earn $5,000 off of the Smart Protektor. It was a product already being sold in stores but shown as a project in development on his Kickstarter campaign.



One final tip I would like to touch on before I close is, be upfront with backers and viewers. People understand that things change. Updating the campaign is not a bad thing, as long as you are not pulling back something that was promised to backers who have already pledged. Even if you have to report that the manufacturing fell through, it is the right thing to do to inform backers of this change while you search diligently for an alternative.


These tips can be remembered while reading a campaign’s information and to help as a new campaign is started. We have really seen some great products go unfunded and sometimes small changes like these could make all the difference. If you have seen any product with a poor campaign and would like an article written showing flaws or anything else, please let us know in the comment section below.


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