SELFLY is a phone case camera that flies. This is a genius replacement for your selfie stick that takes pictures and videos. It is a two piece phone case, part of which detaches and flies around. This section streams its view directly to your phone which can be set to follow you or set to be controlled, allowing you to capture exactly what you are wanting to see.


SELFLY has a flip cover case which is compatible with all 4-6 inch smartphones. This cover fits on a phone case unique to each model of phone meaning that once perfected, SELFLY will be nearly universal in construction. This  universal design lowers the risk of specific model malfunctions.



The removable flier can be controlled with gestures so that you do not have to be glued to  your phone while taking pictures. It can also be set to focus on a moving object (faces, animals, etc.) which means you do not control it at all. This is a very nice tool because it means that you can video yourself walking, playing, or performing without even thinking about it.


SELFLY‘s camera can shoot pictures well with its 8mp camera and take videos in 1080p with 30fps. The flier has Gyroscopic capabilities, but it is not large enough, nor is its quality high enough to include great stabilizers. This product is not here to replace drones. While it does take videos with 30fps, they may turn out a bit choppy without this stabilization. Keeping in mind that this is in place of a selfie stick and not a drone, it could be a handy tool for every day users.


SELFLY‘s team seems to have done their homework and have shown that this project is feasible and well on its way to hitting the market soon. They have put together many working prototypes and are close to being done with the innovation aspect. They have exceeded their goal on Kickstarter so they will be able to fund the completion of their product. Tell  us what you think in the comment section below and follow us on twitter.


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