The Voice Recorder Made of Gold


Great ideas are fleeting and we often forget them before we write them down. Senstone was created to capture those ideas and thoughts and record them in text on your smartphone. Senstone is an intelligent wearable voice recorder that helps you take those on-the-go notes without having to break out the pen and paper.

Voice notes are a great way of keeping organized, creating reminders, and recording great ideas. Whether you are a business owner, writer, or just have a bad memory, having those stray thoughts recorded in an easy-to-access location can be very important. The Senstone was developed as a standalone device that can record your voice and convert it into text format. It has the capability to take notes and create lists without being connected to another smart device making it a great product for on-the-go purposes. When the Senstone is in range of your smart device, it will automatically sync to it and add all of those important notes.


Senston was created to be a small wearable, making it convenient to clip onto your shirt or hang around your neck. The device functions with a simple tap to record. It was also developed with simple functions to keep the battery life at 4 days. All these features make the Senstone a neat and simple smart device.


While the Senstone is a neat wearable with a clever purpose, it is a little overpriced. This litte voice recorder outfitted with a simple feature but is set to be sold at $140. We believe that it has a fairly simple function for the price tag and does little more than what Siri or Cortana can do. The Senstone may have better success in understanding dictation than other programs do, but we cannot verify that yet. Heck, Alexa is less than $100… Is the Senstone worth the cost?┬álet us know in the comments below or tweet @VoxInventum!


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