The Console Sized Gaming Case


The vast number of gaming hobbyists is growing and PC gamers are no exception. PC gaming is known to have a higher upfront cost but with greater longevity, which is why we are seeing more long-time gamers building their PCs. When picking out computer parts, the case is often the most difficult decision. SENTRY brings a console-sized gaming case with impressive specs to the gaming community.


Building a computer used to be something for the nerds… It may still be, but I am now part of that group. Building a computer is an educational experience in computer system knowledge as much as space management. Building a home desktop in a full ATX case is easy, but the portability and space consumption is not great. The SENTRY was created to fit all the gaming essentials to have a full powered gaming PC that nearly the same size as an Xbox One.


The SENTRY is a mini-ITX case built for optimal airflow as much as performance. The engineers behind SENTRY conducted multiple tests to ensure the best air vent layout to keep the system cool while running without water cooling. The case is very tight on space, therefore water cooling is probably not possible (someone prove me wrong).


One of the biggest obstacles in sizing a case is the graphics card mounting. Graphics cards are traditionally mounted perpendicular to the board. It is possible to purchase a PCI-E cable to mount it parallel to the motherboard, but the SENTRY was made to hard-mount the GPU for more stability. The parallel mounting of the graphics card makes the SENTRY a much thinner case for taking up less space without losing graphics processing. It should be noted that even though the parallel mounting allows for most full size graphics cards, the size requirements will still need to be addressed when building with this case.


The slim size of the SENTRY makes it ideal for living room set-ups and LAN parties for all of you more mobile gamers. It is a tight fit, so if you hate working on the computer hardware, you might not enjoy this build. A mini-ITX case that has been designed for optimum performance is not easy to find. The SENTRY covers its bases and we think that it is worth looking into. The SENTY has reached its funding on IndieGoGo and will be sold at a retail price of $235. Let us know what you think about the SENTRY in the comment section below!


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