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Side Winder Makes Mac Cables Slightly More Bearable

Cable winders fall into a category that I’m less than enthusiastic about. They tend to damage cables and fail to function effectively enough for me to use one regularly. However, Side Winder introduces a very enticing product in a niche field. Fuse created the best accessory for Mac users.

I’m equal opportunity when it comes to Mac VS. PC. I own both and use them both for different purposes. So I know just how stupid and frustrating the Mac charging cable is. In typical Apple fashion, it’s overpriced, easy to damage, and horribly clunky.

side winder

Fuse shared this frustration and developed the Side Winder. This simple winder encapsulates the charging brick and allows both cables to extend on either side. Without the unreliable spring action that most winders come with, the Side Winder winds manually. Since you manually wind it, you can also partially unwind it. So if you don’t need the full length of the charger, you can just release some of the cable.

While convenience reigns supreme, Fuse created a housing that keeps the delicate Mac cables from kinking. The block housing includes small bumpers that keep the stub-ends of the cables from bending too severely when wound tightly. So that Mac cable might survive a little bit longer in the gentle confines of the Side Winder.

side winder

My only qualm with the Side Winder is with the concept of cable winding in general. Cable winding can damage cables over the long haul. They don’t like to be put into the same form day after day. Over time, cables become deformed and lose integrity. So while the Side Winder protects the cable stub-outs, it could still damage the cables over time. However, Mac cables are going to fail at some point regardless of your delicate treatment.

Fuse discovered a simple design to solve a very common frustration. They developed the best and simplest cable winding system for the worst laptop cable. Even better, it’s cheap. It costs only $25 on Kickstarter. Let us know if you’ll be picking up a Side Winder and what you think of the concept!

side winder

Side Winder featured on Kickstarter and has raised almost $125,000.

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